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Blow your voice

ShoreExpress is an automated dialling system that generates simultaneous voice calls to a list of pre-identified phone numbers.

Now execute voice campaigns using the high performance ShoreExpress dial out application by sending pre recorded voice calls in different languages resulting in a consistent and professional approach to your campaigns through interactive automated dialogs. Outbound message campaigns are created with an user friendly web interface panel and is a powerful and cost effective communication service to reach out to large number of target audience in a short time over the phone.


Message Consistency

Reach out simultaneously to lakhs of customers with consistent delivery of engaging information. Avoid the email and web clutter through use of audio prompts and dialogs with voice self service.

Convenient & Fast

Voice broadcasting enables instant and accurate delivery of your message without agent assistance. Administrator within minutes can easily create an audio message and distribution list via a web based panel and can define the outbound volume to match the agent availability wherever a called party requests for an agent interaction.


Productivity Enhancement

Voice call is easy to remember and difficult to ignore and has higher impact than any other medium.Schedule your voice campaigns to your target audience, web based reporting panel displays real time results of your campaigns.

Survey and Feedback

IVR based campaigns can be leveraged to generate feedback and conduct surveys over a very large scale in limited time frame.


Confirmation Calls

Automate your confirmation calls for orders and services instead of relying on a manual call center. Order confirmation,status update and tracking incur a huge amount of time, energy & cost, make your system work efficiently in a cost effective manner by auto generated calls without incurring any fixed investment.

Reminder calls

Schedule calls as reminders, greet new customers with an audio message, configure alerts for service plans, notify new offerings and schemes based on automated voice inputs.Make your customer engagement smarter.



Reach out to a large target audience in different regional languages.Audio files can be created, edited and reused across multiple campaigns through an user friendly web panel.

Lead Generation

Convert automated outbound calling campaigns to inbound call automation by call routing to available agents and provide an efficient multi channel engagement platform to your customers.Leverage the power of voice and convert potential leads into customers.


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